Dating a celebrity website

Find out what you and your celebrity may have in common.

10 Best Celebrity Dating Sites For Celebrities and Admirers

Try to win a date with your celebrity by entering a contest. Try to also find contests in magazines.


Try to live near a lot of celebrities. Increase your chances of running into a celebrity by living in an area with lots of celebrities. Think about living in one of these places: Hang around places where your celebrity spends her time. Research your celebrity online to find out where your celebrity likes to go. Try to see if you can run into your celebrity at one of these places: Parties thrown by celebrities.

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Bars and clubs where celebrities hang out. Restaurants where your celebrity likes to eat. Stores where your celebrity shops. Get a job working with celebrities. Consider working at one of these jobs: Actor or actress Musician Journalist Model Photographer Make-up artist Any job working on a movie, on a television show, or in the music industry.

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  5. Doctor with celebrity patients. Lawyer with celebrity clients. Housekeeper or babysitter for a celebrity.

    More From Celebrities

    Be aware that most celebrities date other famous people, but not always in the same industry. Professional athlete Politician Writer Entrepreneur. Try following this general advice for getting a date with anyone: Be thoughtful and kind. Make yourself look attractive. Find out things that you two have in common. Be a good friend. Stalking is not attractive to anyone.

    Be prepared for rejection. Remember that you always run the risk of rejection when ask someone on a date. Keep these things in mind: Be prepared for competition—a lot of people want to date celebrities. Be aware that some celebrities might be wary about dating a fan.

    Celebrities on Tinder | Famous People Who Date Online

    Try to date someone else famous if a celebrity rejects you. Try again with another celebrity.

    Try to date someone less famous. Remember that a date with a celebrity different from a normal date. Be prepared for everything in your relationship to become public. Remember that people will probably gossip about you and your relationship with celebrity. Expect that most of this gossip will not be true. Keep your date interested in you.

    Shouldn't you happen across Ryan Gosling or Madonna once in a while? There are a bunch of reasons why a star might want to join Tinder. Or maybe they have a new product they want to promote and think that chatting with normal folks will take their grass roots marketing to the next level. Or maybe they just feel like connecting with the little people. In an interview with USA Today, the toughest nerd on the planet said that it's hard for her to meet people on Tinder , even though her friends seem to be having plenty of luck.