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What my profile consists of: The 'About Me' section is essentially write who I am, what I have going on in my life and what I have to offer.

Anybody Here Actually Date a Girl From Plenty of Fish?

I use this to sell myself. I talk about all my successes in life and what I am working towards. I have some really obscure stuff in there, too. The first date section is very bleak, as I would never go over the top well, not never, but very unlikely for some girl on a first hang out; I wrote "Something casual where we can talk. I have eight pictures on my profile.

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I think you need to have a balance, if you have a page full of mirror shots, how seriously is she going to take you? As far as shirtless pictures, I think of it this way. If you're super ripped, make it a surprise for them. I just imagine if I ever got that ripped, and I had a gal back at my house and I took off my clothes and she had no idea what I looked like under them and if she remarked, "Wow.

Also, it doesn't show them everything you've got; still gives you a few cards to play. I have also read where some gals think shirtless pictures are a turn off, etc, some like; some don't. I don't have any. Let's be honest hear, it doesn't really matter that much what you have written in your profile.

Most people only look at pictures to see if they like what they're looking at decide to compose a message or not. It's a hard truth that Internet dating is largely fueled by attraction, as shallow it sounds. Messages As I mentioned initially, I used to send out random one-liners and had little success.

A few years back, I got annoyed with randomly writing things to women, reading their profiles, etc. I created some blanket templates that I would send out in mass numbers.

My experiences with Plenty of Fish and what I've learned.

Fun fact, POF allows you to send 40 new new means a brand new contact, not existing women you've already been talking with a day. I have multiple templates that I rotate through to avoid this. The template basically consists of saying, "Hey! I liked what I read in your profile, sounds like we have a bit in common.

Little bit about me.. If I sound like someone you'd be interested in getting to know, I'd love to hear back from you! I'm not sure what the percentage of responses I get back is, probably around half or so, maybe less. You've got to think, dating in general is a numbers game.

Ready to declutter your closet?

Rejection is a harsh reality, but it's part of the world we live in; don't let it get you down. Some gals will reply with a very short one liner like, "Hi, how are you?

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I've found that honesty is probably the most important thing you can do here. If anyone has seen the movie Swingers funny movie if you haven't, I'd recommend it Trent Walker Vince Vaughn says it best: That's what I'm telling you, baby.

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  • The babies love that stuff. You start talking to them about puppy dogs and ice cream. They know what you want. You think they don't? They know what you want, believe me. Pretending is just a waste of time.

    Now these are good profile photos

    You're gonna take them there eventually anyway. Don't apologize for it.

    Plenty of fish slut!!!

    You see how they dress when they go out? They want to be noticed. You're just showing them it's working. You gotta get off this respect kick, baby. There aint nothing wrong with letting them now that you're money and that you want to party. At this point, I just come out and tactfully tell them what I want. It's good to know what you want. I'm not looking for anything too serious, I'm really busy with work and school. I'm just looking for someone that I have a good conversation with, but also enjoy casual fun with. If the girl I quality, I will forgo that remark and say, "I'm pretty picky about women I seriously date, but it'd be nice to find someone to spend time with. Another thing I want to stress is, be tactful about the way you present this.

    Word it politely and respectfully. I mean, yeah, I want to spread them out like jam on toast; but I'm not going to open with that. Why do I do this? To not waste my time. I hate wasting my time, with anything in life, also; why would you want to waste the other persons' time as well? I read a lot of guys on here take out a lot of girls, and maybe their motives are different. I'm not criticizing them, it just confuses me.

    At that point, if they're open to it, I usually ask for their number and start texting them. Take digs at them when you can, and don't be afraid to. I keep the meeting simple for a couple of reasons. One, I don't want to be throwing a lot of money at a gal that nothing may come of. I look mildly look at it from a return on investment point of view.

    Why would I spend money on you, if I'm not going to get anything in return for it? Now, this doesn't apply when I am genuinely interested in the woman. You also have to realize some women are all talk, they'll say they're open to it, but when it comes down to it, they're not. That's okay, you have to respect that. Don't be forceful, don't be seriously mean to them. I mentioned it earlier, but I've been rejected a lot. At first, it used to hurt, and it would frustrate me.

    Now, I've developed a skin that not even a sword could penetrate through. My attitude is largely care free. I simply don't care and I think it shows and I think that makes me more attractive to some women; that they have to work for my attention, etc. I'm not sure what will happen with this thread, if I'll be trolled, people will be genuinely curious or if people will make fun of me.

    I don't really care either way, I wrote all of this as I've seen a lot of people have questions or are curious in general. I'm posting my stories, my experiences to share with others. Ask me anything unless I've posted that I won't share that kind of information , I'll try my best to answer. TL, DR please cliff. POF is the worst dating site known to man.

    Whales with inflated egos and the guys on there all look gangsta and like hood rats. There are a lot of creeps, weirdos and rude people on there looking for nothing but sex. I'll put it like this, there dating online for a reason. It's a bunch a creeps but there a few good ones in there! I actually met my really good friend who is an amazing man! If u can get past the creepiness there are some good men on there.

    Like I'm not against people loving the same sex but I do not want to see your sex life or hear about it My dad met some girls off of there after he and my mom divorced. Most of them were crazy as fuckkk. It was interesting though! He eventually found a keeper not on POF though.