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Holy shit they actually fixed Dota, time to reinstall. It's kinda unbelievable that it took valve this long, but still great to see all these things that we've asked for for SO LONG.

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Kinda the same as prime match making in csgo. However i doubt things will change too much. No bought account and less smurfs but i dont think there is too many of those in dota. It will get better the question is how much better. Seems like a nice and pretty thought out update. I like this detail for example: Second change is that much stricter punishments will be given out to people who ruin a game intentionally, while also improving detection of said players.

It wont change a damn thing, people will still find something to blame their loses on. Connecting it to a phone number solves so many problems. I might play solo queue again. On April 21 Whelp, time for me to abandon Ranked for good.

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I value my meatspace privacy more than my MMR. Here is a link to help with adding a phone number: So, how long until Valve starts selling phone numbers?

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Why a phone number will solve any problem? Dragon vs DBG IPC vs Neon U vs TBD 27m. Chaos vs TnC 1d 15h. Secret vs TP 1d 15h. North American Dota Challengers League. TEAM vs Truffle 2 days. BS vs FNM 2 days. Liquid vs Pango 2 days. EG vs Aster 2 days. Fnatic vs Alliance 2 days. In short; Solo queue is back, and by that we mean true solo queue where all 10 players are NOT in a party.

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    Ranked matchmaking changes in Dota

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