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Halo reports

Players can earn high ranks by winning the game in competitive matchmaking system. Initially, a player has to play seven Team Arena matches in order to play a ranked match in Halo 5: The players just have to focus on CSR score after their Onyx level. Initially you will need to play seven matches in Arena before being placed in a rank. A season will be released each month in the game and players in each season will receive special badges. The matchmaking system in Arena mode will always begin from the start, therefore players do not need to worry about an unfair game.

Additionally, multiplayer ban or low priority will be imposed on those players who quit, abuse teammates, idle for too long, perform intentional suicides, and experience too many disconnects from the network.

Banhammer Issues

I am saying the system is broken because it allows for opportunities like this. I'm just a regular person trying to play a game and service I pay money for and it allows people to cheat the system like this and get valid players banned from playing the game. There is no way for me to report this player within XBOX now, no way for me to contact i I'm just banned for trying to legitimately play the game I paid for.

You only get kicked after 3 betrayals and you only get banned after multiple kicks. And if it really were 5 hours it would be because you are a serious repeat offender. There has got to be something you are not saying here.

Banhammer Issues - Halo 5: Guardians - Industries Community Forum

Posted 08 February - Posted 29 February - Ok so i was playing a match and i left one match well because it was one of the worse matches i've ever played so i continued to play a few more matches and after that and my last match ended my team won then out of nowhere i had the ban hammer hit me and it said i left too many matches didn't even leave the match i was in where is the logic in this?

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If you are back again, please click the I'm Back button below. Please log in to reply. My last game I had a player on my team shooting me and our other teammates just enough to bring our shields down but not kill them the player was "Haunted Canada".

Multiplayer-specific error messages

This was a repeated action he was doing since the second the game started. Knowing about the "Banhammer" and just wanting to play the game, I did not shoot back but just played with him ruining it for me and my other teammates.

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I spawned and started running down a hallway and was being shot from behind. I turned around and threw a grenade immediately out of instinct thinking an opponent was behind me, trying to get away. Well it turn out it was this "teammate" just shooting me to get my shields down until I would eventually run into a real opponent and have no chance to put up a fight without any shields. My grenade killed him, and now I'm banned from Halo for the next 5 hours. This goes without saying this is a broken system.