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I met a bar girl recently who told me a story about how she had just managed to get enough money out of two western guys for a boob job she had wanted. She had met both guys while they were on holiday in Bangkok, convinced them she was their girlfriend, and then kept in contact with them when they went back home so she could ask for money.

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Both men, who sounded to me like they were in love, were sending her several hundred dollars every month. A few months worth of payments from each, and she had new boobs. Educational Differences — Another problem western men experience with Thai bar girls is the difference in educational backgrounds. It can be difficult enough being married to a Thai in normal circumstances. Especially when it comes to dealing with the basic cultural differences. But western men who date or marry a Thai bar girl, a girl who only managed to get a poor education, will usually soon discover they have little in common.

If the guy tries to have a more in-depth conversation about political or social issues, or even just normal news, the girl has little or no interest in doing so. Just the same as in the west, where most men would not marry a prostitute either.

How it all started

Yet, when these same men come to Thailand, possibly because of the way the Thai bar girls look slim, elegant, exotic and beautiful , the reality that the girl is a prostitute seems to evade them. This story is a collection of anecdotes from Thai women who live in the capital. One recent afternoon, in a group chat between six Thai women who went to college together, Belle sent a candid photo of a decent-looking man she came across in her diplomatic career. She sent a message, the kind that has appeared in many thousands of all-girl chats throughout history: Prae Sakaowan is an editor at Coconuts Bangkok.

I wonder what other grievances Ms. Prae has against foreign men in Thailand.

Let's have a look Yes, it is very confusing for me because when I look at her history at Coconuts I can see that the same "editor" published an article on April 7th titled. One of the most endearing characteristics of Thai people is their desire to be unfailingly polite. Yet it is fascinating that these one-syllable words can change the tone of a speech, ease the cultural barriers between two speakers of different tongues, and appeal as unique, endearing characteristics of a culture.

Could it be a -gasp- double standard? Prae, tell me it isn't so.

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I think I'm starting to see the problem here. But I will let Ms. Prae figure it out for herself. Prae wants to lecture evil foreign misogynistic men on the subject of true equality whilst enjoying her privileged position of power in an aircon office as an "editor" I suggest that she should first talk with the countless number of foreign men in Thailand sorry - "farangs" who have had their lives irreparably ruined by Thai women that bled them dry and demanded all their money by virtue of nothing more than having differential genitalia.

This is one thing I absolutely hate.

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But agreed, Thai women should take a bit of initiative sometimes. It , not the 's where you just wait till a man approaches. I smiled at the cartoon at the beginning. Just for fun, switch gender roles that become Western women, and you have the lament "where have all the good guys gone? Yes, the smiling green light should come on when interested. There is that stigma of being "too easy".

The hi-so chicks do not have that, just the middle class. They doesnt want to be seen "too easy" even if they're like you alot.

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We arrived last year in August full of high hopes and excitement for our new life together in Thailand. We had rented a condo for one month and on site there were some bars and restaurants so when we arrived we went for some food. By the time the girl had taken our order I realized I had made a mistake.

One day I was waiting for the students when this stunning white skinned Thai girl walks in. She was my only student and I was trying to keep a lid on how attractive I felt she was. She had booked a short one-month course to brush up on her English before she became an airhostess. At the end of the class her friend who worked there asked me straight up do you think she is pretty and do I have a girlfriend, talk about being put on the spot! This only served to wet my appetite for what I could be getting up to as a single guy in Bangkok and around Thailand. So if you do decide to move to the Kingdom with your farang girlfriend then do not read any sites like Thailand Redcat, as it will only serve to make your life even worse!

So after 3 months I left the part time job at the language school and got a job at an international institute. I made many new friends and this leads me onto the next problem a farang girl might have living in Bangkok: It is difficult for western girls to make friends in Thailand.

I am drawing from my personal experience and anecdotal evidence from friends and Thai girls. So the rest of our time together fell into a pretty tedious routine. It was feeling more kin to a jail sentence and I was too much of a coward to end it. That is my story and you probably thinking what tip have you got for breaking up with your farang girlfriend who has followed you to Thailand. Well, this is not an easy question to answer.

Ending a relationship wherever you are in the world at home or abroad is never easy but is especially difficult when you live with your western girl in a foreign country. Also there is no good time to do it either. The point is there is always something in the pipeline when you live abroad so just do it, it will be painful but do it. It may cost you a flight home and in my case a new Samsung TV. After living in the Kingdom for the best part of 18 months I see little reason why farang girls would want to live here for long term. A few points to remember when living in Thailand with an average western girl: I just wanted to share my experience and offer advice for anyone else who finds themselves in the situation I was in.

I welcome any feedback, comments and other similar experiences. Thanks for reading guys and good luck! Western guys love to make comparisons, to point out how their Thai lady is superior. They need to move on and forget about white women and just be happy with their Thai woman. Any white woman is better alone than with a guy who openly hates her for having white traits.

Don’t Move to Thailand With Your Farang Girlfriend

Thai guys have prejudices and are never interested in dating foreign females, Thai ladies will take your guy and mock you cause you look older or some other aspect that make them feel superior. Any white girl that accepts to move to Thailand with her partner, is a sucker.

Firstly, your man will cheat, guarantee. The problem is that western women over the last 40 years generally have become flabby and unfit. But at the same time feminism and our society has told them they are better than men.

They regard themselves as special and attractive even when hippos. The result is when the western guy arrives in Asia the fat farang girl suddenly realised her true worth, and spend their time bad mouthing local women. I hate how women are becoming so careless with their bodies and gaining so much fat.

Because of this, the XS and S size is too difficult to find now or are the same as the M size used to be. I find myself buying my clothes in Asia because of this.


I am Farang man, back from his first trip to Thailand. I will never sleep with a farang woman again. They who are so arrogant and sure of themselves, cannot compete with hot, fun, pretty and magnificent thai ladies. I know a lot of men who have been married before and which have been brought by their wife to the court, and who must know pay serious money every month to them. White women also love money, but they present you the bill at the end. Western women should look at themselves in the mirror.

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Go to hell farang woman!