Will my ex hook up with someone else

I also advise you realize the cold person he is and that since this is what he is about, you just dropped a bunch of trash at the curb of life. His exiting stage left was a huge favor to you.

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I know how it feels. My ex left me with the same ice cold stare. He partied a lot through our break up and was flirting with so many girls, but he never started seeing anyone else, hasn't to this day 8 months later.

My Ex Boyfriend And I Still Hook Up (How Can I Get Him To Commit)

Apart from that, it took me a long time to realize that he is very very broken and has issues that I can not help him with which he needs to figure out himself. Give your ex some time, he will get back to you at some point with an explanation or apology, if he is a decent human being. NC - - ignorance really is bliss at times like this.

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  • My Ex Boyfriend And I Still Hook Up (How Can I Get Him To Commit)!
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Originally Posted by KathyM. Time to move on. He has shown his true colors. He's a player, not a man who can commit to one person. If he realizes his mistake later on and comes groveling back, don't take him back. Guys like this can never be trusted. He doesn't deserve you. You deserve someone better, and I would suggest next time don't go so long in a relationship without a ring marriage. You ladies make it too easy for a guy to just give up on a relationship after you've invested so much time in it. All times are GMT The time now is 9: Most importantly when u guys were on a break were u guys sure that u guys will get back together, that the break was just a time being thing.

If yes then why would he hook up with someone. If he had guts to tell you that he hooked up someone else when you were away you should be strong enough to give up on him because you need to be with someone who loves you more even in your absence. So go girl,search for the right guy. I know how you feel. My gf did the same. You deserve someone who respects you in or out of relationship.

That's a tough one. Officially, if both parties were on a break, it indicates a temporary lack of commitment. However, relationships are sticky and just because both of you were on a break does not mean that your emotions were on a break as well. In other words, I can only imagine how hurt and conflicted you must have felt upon discovering that he hooked up with someone else during this time period.

Personally, I would have a lot of reservations of returning to the relationship because I would think that he doesn't miss me that much if he could hook up with some other girl like that. Even though I understand that rebounds can happen, I would still think the action to be immature and badly timed. Nevertheless, a lot of relationship decisions are based on feelings.

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So if you still feel like it's worth it to pursue this relationship, you should do it. Basically, do what feels right to you. Anonymous November 16th, 1: I once had a boyfriend hook up with someone when we were on a break too. It is hard to hear when someone you care about does something that was unexpected. Your boyfriend told you what happened during this break, do think that means more than if you found out he hid that information from you?

It is really good that he was honest with you even though he didn't do anything good. Talk with him and clear things up. I'm not picking sides, but please remember we are human and we make mistakes.

Anonymous June 16th, 8: Well, is he guilty? Anonymous January 15th, 7: At the end of the day, you were on a break so you cannot hold him to anything, however, the fact that he did has every right to affect how you now feel about him. If you felt that you could not hook up with someone else on the break suggests that you two may think about the relationship differently.

Address it with him if need be so you can find out why he did. As objectively as you can, decide where you want to "draw your line in the sand" for any romantic relationship. Then, ask yourself if he has "crossed the line.

How to Get Your Ex Back if She is Dating Someone Else - 9 Tips

I can see both sides. He thought that you were in a break and were probably over. I can also see that you still wanted to be together and felt replaced.

Here’s What You Need To Realize If Your Ex Moved On Quickly

I would talk to him about it! There's no harm in trying! Anonymous June 30th, 1: Although people do make mistake, cheating is not okay under any circumstances. Leaving someone is a hard thing to do, but it would be better for yourself in the long run.

Anonymous July 26th, 5: Speak to your boyfriend and ask him what caused him to do that. Maybe he has a strong friendship with that person and they have a connection. Ask your boyfriend if she holds any importance to him and reassure him that you would never do that. In my personal experience once being unfaithful happens on either side of the relationship, things are never the same no matter how hard you try to forgive.

Trust is something that once broken, its incredibly hard to get back. It took me a while to learn to respect myself and what I deserve and leave people on the past that have broken my trust. My trust was broken time after time, and eventually enough it's enough.

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When it happens once it usually happens again, save yourself the hurt and respect yourself and know you deserve someone who wouldn't do something like that in the first place. And later down the road when you find that person, you'll be grateful you waited for them to treat you how you deserve to be treated!

Do not stay with him. He is at fault. Never go back to a cheater because they will cheat again. You deserve better and are a beautiful person who deserves a caring and loyal person. When you are on a break you are free. Of course, normally it is expected to take some time alone to realize about your real feelings. Meeting other people or having other sexual partners during a brake is not always the best or healthiest way to solve problems during a brake.