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This cuddling trio certainly knows how to relax A small red dachshund seems to be enamored of a Maltese. Animal lover Margarita Suarez of Merida, Yucatan, passed away earlier this month after battling illness. During her life she was known for her kindness to all kinds of animals and every morning she would feed the stray dogs and cats that would show up at her home.

She was also known for taking a bag of food along when she went out so she could treat other strays she encountered, reports Misiones Online. It was in April. After you described him, I rushed down to the city to see him.

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I was with my father and we went in to the apt Alfie was living in, I think on 17th St. I asked the lady Smeralda was her name if I could bring him upstate to see how we all got along and she said OK. She explained Francis Albert his former name was her mothers dog. Her mother died and now Alfie was being passed back and forth from Smeralda to her brother, and they thought he should have a great home in the country.

Actually by the time we left I told Smeralda that I wanted the little dog-she said fine and off we went to the Catskills Alfie was 8 yrs old, and he had been a companion to 2 older women who both had died. When they found Smeraldas mother-she had been dead for a few days. The poor little guy was stretched across the woman devastated!!! So that's how the whole thing started. The breeding is there even if a dog has lived 8 yrs at the end of a leash. The woods with its chipmunks-squirrel, foxes turkey, deer and BEAR Alfie went to work with me and we always took him wherever went-he always fit in.

So that's the way we lived until May when I thought he might have tooth problems and possibly pain when we were in Fla. The dental had to be done, but between all the shots he probably shouldn't have had etc he developed dementia -with seizures. On Oct 14 when his FUN life didn't look like so much fun for him we made the painful decision.

We got Alfie in he was 8- and in yrs. Not a bad life all in all!!!!! Sincerely Suzy Cohen-Hummingbird Designs. Alfie had two previous owners, both of whom died while Alfie was in their care. Alfie was sweet, fun loving and always eager for a belly rub. Words can not express how much he will be missed. Beloved companion, super model.

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Dachshund Friendship Club Newsletter Spring 2. JFK and Dachsie Friend. A cozy Bunch at Dorrie Miller's house!!! Nothing like a good nap!!!

The intrepid explorers found themselves in a peculiar situation.

Our long search is over! He is sweet and funny. He came to us on July 3rd, only eight weeks old. He came from Rheinholds, Pennsylvania, and was one of a litter of six. He has begun puppy training and is now eager to please. We will be back in the city in the Fall and hope he will adapt. Our dear departed Winniw loved both the city and the country.

He was bred to the Germanic specifications and hopefully he will be a miniature. His tem,perament is wonderful and he is very easy to train. His first night home with us he slept peacefully.

How on earth did these dachshund puppies end up on this roof? - alinehmafa.ml

We are so happy to have him. Thanks for your help in the search. The late, great Damon, founder of the Dachshund Friendship Club.

Susan Somers is pictured here holding, Romeo. Romeo is Waldo's brother from the same litter. There was a third dog, Rocket, who was given to a small boy who had Leukemia. Rocket stayed by the boy's side until he died about ten mnonths after Rocket arrived. He is being cared for by the boy's brother. The bear was protecting her cub from Fudge, who had barked furiously at both mother and daughter.

I was freaking out. I was screaming at it and my dachsie was howling. I ran up to the bear and punched her in the snout. She immediately let go of Fudge. She says that she knows the precautions have to take against bears in their yards. But that night, Fudge, darted out of the door before she checked to see that it was safe.

Bear sightings are not uncommon but experts say they are on the rise. He attributes that to a lack of a good berry crop, which removed one of the animals key food sources. Brooke said that she was hoping that Fudge would calm down, however there is no sign of it yet. Fudge, who originally had a chocolate coat has now turned completely gray and has reached the age of sixteen. Animal Control came and got the bear out of the house but Fudge wanted to charge the bear and would have if she were not on a leash. I want to thank everyone who works on the newsletter.

The graphics are so wonderful and all the letters and stories are heartwarming. Years ago I was in a car with my sister who was driving. Suddenly I saw a little red dachshund dash out into the street from behind a large hedge. I told my sister to stop the car and I jumped out and chased the dachsie. She ran every which way. I think she thought we were playing a game. Finally I was catching up with her as she swerved behind the hedge where I first saw her darting out of.

As I turned the corner I bumped into a rather large fellow and was practically knocked unconscious. My sister got out of the car and raced towards me as I lay supine on the lawn. The dachshund had stopped and came and stood over me, staring at me with the sweetest eyes I have ever seen. The fellow who I bumped into was most apologetic and helped me up and set me on a garden bench.

Dachshund Friendship Club

At that moment his mother came out with a pitcher of water and poured a tall glass of water for me. I was introduced to mother and son. She was Molly and he was Ben. The little dachsie was Ida. My sister took me home and a few days later there was a knock on our screen door. Outside the door I saw Ben with Ida in his arms.

He said he came to thank me for my efforts at catching Ida.