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I have this problems with coop. Can someone help me? Showing 1 - 7 of 7 comments. Here are the steps I take: Create a party host game setting , and add your friend in it. Ok thx i will try it with my friend. Even with Evolve, I had to jump thru hoops setting up things with my firewall for it to work with Evolves vitrual LAN. It came to a point where it is mandatory to remove frames in clan warfare or nobody will accept to play against you.

So please fix the problem of people refusing matches, which ends in 1 hour queue time when it's already hard to find a game.

Turtle Rock Studios Releases Patch 4.0 for Evolve

I have personally thought about this possible solution to this 'win trading' madness others had suggested hiding opponents, but allies too could help. I will forward the suggestion in hopes the devs look into it. Thanks for your reply. Hidding allies does not really matter up until you reach highest rank tiers where you play with the same players all the time and know everybody, hence why AoV decided to hide allies from the equivalent of electrum on HE.

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It should be done all the time in my opinion to avoid any potential abuse. I've been told they're considering it for a future update, but haven't set in stone yet.

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Thanks for your update. I guess it isn't as easy as just hiding frames as it kind of makes them useless if you start hiding them.

But knowing that they're thinking about it is reassuring at least. Hello, just wanted to say I've seen the update for the new version and it's really good.

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I see that you finally will hide frames too. But now that I think about it, you should also not show the teams as it's still possible to know if you are with your friend or not if you agree for a time for confirmation. I want a matchmaking by connexions. I thinks new player needs to be protect in specials lobbies to not play against advanced players, but SBBM disgust me Me too but on mobile.

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  4. Lots of people are however epic games have not addressed the issue. Even I have the same problem on mobile.

    Yet another attempt to fix issues in Heroes Evolved

    I done all the twitch prime steps its been 3 hours and still dont have them any help please? Please help - still having the same problem. Match making error PS4, no resolution yet?! Originally posted by jakemcfarlane View Post.