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Additionally, genre seemed to be an important factor when examining casual sexual television content.

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The situational comedy genre, for example, had no explicit portrayals of intercourse and mainly portrayed kissing couples within a committed relationship. The comedy drama genre, on the contrary, had the largest proportion of explicit sexual portrayals, usually between casual sexual partners. A second goal of this study was to analyze the portrayals of the typical casual sexual experience script and the typical casual sexual relationship script in which these sexual behaviors often occur. For instance, our analyses revealed that female characters were more likely to initiate casual sex compared to male characters.

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Moreover, casual sex often occurred between former partners. The Femininity—Money Incongruity Hypothesis: Women are often stereotyped as poorly equipped to deal with money matters, compared to men, yet very little research has examined the underpinnings and consequences of such gender stereotypes. Specifically in the current work, we introduced and investigated the femininity—money incongruity hypothesis, which suggests that when the concepts of femininity and money are both cognitively activated, money will become a liability for women, causing decrements in cognitive functioning.

In two subsequent experiments, we tested the hypothesis that simultaneously activating money and femininity would lead to decrements in cognitive functioning. Converging results across studies suggest that money is incompatible with the stereotypic female gender identity, and this incongruity has detrimental cognitive costs for women as they navigate gender roles. Implications of societal challenges imposed on women by gender stereotypes regarding money matters at work and in relationship contexts and proposed interventions are discussed.

Network determinants of relationship inactualization in adolescence. Despite widespread interest in the link between social and sexual networks, little research has focused on how social networks influence the progression of intimate relationships e. I argue that social networks not only affect individuals' opportunities to meet romantic partners, but also shape the ideal and actual progressions of intimate acts within their relationships. Using data from the National Longitudinal Survey of Adolescent to Adult Health Add Health , I conduct an optimal matching analysis of adolescents' purported ideal versus actual relationship sequences, which are comprised of romantic and sexual events.

Low discrepancy scores indicate that intimate acts in one's recent relationship were sequenced much as one had desired.

Gender roles still dominate the world of online dating, research shows | Metro News

Results demonstrate that how students are situated within their schools' broader friendship networks affects their experiences with intimacy: Additionally, increased gender salience among boys within the socio-centric friendship network is associated with increased discord between desired and actual relationship progressions, but this relationship is mediated by the rareness of the individual's ideal relationship trajectory.

Health and behavioral consequences of binge drinking in college. A national survey of students at campuses. Sep Hum Comm Res. On the basis of memory structure research, a series of four studies was conducted in order to determine whether individuals 1 could generate memory structures for escalating relationships, 2 agree on the rank ordering of expected actions, 3 distinguish between the perceived typicality of such actions and how necessary the behaviors were in order for a relationship to develop, and 4 segment prototypical scenes of escalating relationships in a time-ordered linear sequence.

A number of hypotheses dealing with the generation and processing of expectations for relationship growth are offered and discussed. Additionally, gender differences are posited in which women generate more escalating actions, process relationship memory structures faster, and rate common actions as being more typical than men do.

Results revealed a prototypical escalating memory structure containing 13 behaviors that could be processed and understood in terms of four underlying factors. Gender differences were also observed, and these are discussed in terms of females closely monitoring relational trajectories. Implications of memory structure research for analyzing relational stages are discussed as well.

Strategic Behaviors in Romantic Relationship Initiation. Jun Pers Soc Psychol Bull. Two studies were conducted to examine the strategies used to initiate romantic relationships. In Study 1, participants responded to questions about general romantic relationship initiation strategies derived from the literature.

In Study 2, participants wrote narrative accounts of their romantic relationship initiation experiences, which were coded for relationship goals and initiation strategies. The effect of biological sex on the evaluation and use of relationship initiation strategies was assessed in both studies. Overall, the normative pattern of goals and strategies prominently included love and intimacy goals and direct and emotional-disclosure strategies.

Men tended to be more active and direct in the beginning stages of relational development and to be more interested than women in the goal of sexual intimacy; women used passive and indirect strategies more often than men. The role of expertise in processing social interaction scripts.

Four experiments examined the role of expertise in processing scripted information. No differences in the general understanding of these scripts were detected as a function of dating expertise or subject sex. Study 4 showed that while dating experts and novices agreed upon the general order of these two scripts, experts were able to arrange randomly ordered scripts appropriately in a much shorter time. It is argued that experts have a more cohesive representation of these scripted activities than novices. The findings are discussed with regard to their relevance for a cognitive theory of social skills.

In a study, Rose and Frieze looked at actual, rather than hypothetical, dates and reported essentially the same finding. The authors used Rose and Frieze's design with a larger sample and found that although daters may claim to be egalitarian, their dates follow the traditionalist pattern that Rose and Frieze described.

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In a second study, the authors asked for descriptions of first dates with persons whom respondents already knew from work, school, and so forth, rather than with the relative stranger about whom earlier versions had asked. Varying the level of familiarity with a partner did not produce a different result. Implications are drawn from the findings and suggestions for future research are offered. The purpose of this study was to examine self-expectations, expectations for future partners, and comparative expectations self versus partner held by college students.

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First-Date Scripts: Gender Roles, Context, and Relationship

Online dating may have practically revolutionised how we date in modern society, but apparently traditional gender roles still dictate how men and women engage in online courtship. Swiping sucks and even the dating industry knows it. In a major new study from the Oxford Internet Institute OII , researchers have looked at data from , — exclusively cisgendered, heterosexual — users on the dating site eHarmony over a 10 year period in the UK.

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  • Their findings show that both men and women still exhibit gender stereotypical behaviour when dating online. The study concludes that online dating has not just perpetuated male dominated initiation, but exacerbated it, since men are 30 percent more likely to write the first message. When women do initiate contact, it doesn't do them much good. The study shows that women's response rate goes down 15 percent when they are the ones to write first.