How do you hook up a vacuum to an above ground intex pool

A pool vacuum consists of a vacuum head, a vacuum hose and a telescopic pole [source: Let's continue now and learn how to use a pool vacuum.

How do i vacuum my intex pool when it has no skimmer

How Swimming Pools Work. Attach the vacuum head to one end of the telescopic pole. This allows you to move the vacuum head around the bottom of the pool.

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There should be a clear place on the top of the head where you attach it to the pole. Attach one end of the vacuum hose to the vacuum head. Slip the skimmer disc into the skimmer on top of the suction port to initiate the vacuum. Alternatively, some vacuums require plugging the hose end directly into the suction port. If you have to pull the hose end out of the water to fit it or the skimmer disc into the suction port, do so as quickly as possible to avoid letting too much air back into the hose.

How to Use a Pool Vacuum | HowStuffWorks

Stand in a position to see the pool bottom clearly. Move the vacuum head slowly back and forth over the bottom of the pool, overlapping the previous path slightly with each new pass of the head. Keep the head underwater at all times or the vacuum will lose prime. Continue vacuuming until the bottom is completely clean.

Brush down the sides of the pool the night before you vacuum to loosen debris, then vacuum in the morning before anyone uses the pool. Adjust your water returns so that the water mass continually moves in a circular pattern.

How to vacuum an Intex pool

This helps concentrate debris on the center of the pool bottom where it's easier to vacuum. Never place any part of your body directly in contact with a pool's suction port. Serious injury may result.

Steve Hamilton has been writing professionally since Be careful to do this while the vacuum is no longer over or near the water. The last thing that you want is to accidentally dump this dirt back into the pool.

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Now, simply spray the collection bag clean with your garden hose until it is completely free from all dirt and debris collected from the pool. This may only make the cleaning process more difficult.

Sometimes very fine particles of dirt can pass right through the collection bag and back into the pool, although this is very rare. Using an additional hose is a bit more cumbersome, but it can provide a much more thorough cleaning.

Home Blog About Contact Us. Step One First, insert the female portion of the vacuum attachment on to the telescope pole.