Writing an online dating profile while mentally ill

Meeting new people can be difficult when you have a mental illness Meeting new people can be especially difficult when you have a mental illness.

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How open should I be on my Match. Our relationship gave me confidence that online dating can work In time and you do have to be patient with these sites I actually met someone with whom I clicked and we ended up dating and became girlfriend and boyfriend. What do you think about the issues raised in this blog? Tips for supporting someone Schizophrenia. Share your story Too many people are made to feel ashamed. Well said and I hope you meet that special person very soon.

Thanks Lisa, I hope so too!

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I have suffered with mental health problems almost all of my adult life. I think that it has made it very difficult forming a relationship. I have been advised to not tell my dealing with mental health issues, but there always comes the question why I haven't formed a relationship, particularly as I am middleaged and I am therefore meeting mainly only divorced people.

That is fine but I am now coming to the realisation that I will not form a permanent relationship. But we all have our needs and we have to find them in different ways. I had just come out of hospital and they placed me in a step down house.. This was a mixed unit and i got on with a lady resident very well. After about a year she popped the question ''Will you marry me? Good Luck mate and i wish you all the best. Thanks for sharing your story Paul! Just goes to show you can meet someone when you're least expecting it: I was in a care home was told I would never live in the community meet my partner August 21yrs ago got married Dec 18th 21yrs ago and we are still together she has scitphinia and I have mental health problems but we manage with support so again they got it WRONG!!!

Good luck to you both now and in the future and here's to the next 21yrs: I suffer from Anxiety and Depression, equally I find it extreamly difficult to meet people and make friends. A year and a bit ago I decided that I would try to find out about online dating and give it a go. The first time I tried it I freaked out within 24 hours and deteted everything and closed down my page. I clearly wasn't in the right place for it at the time. A few months later I thought I would give it another go and this time I felt better and more confident about it.

I decided that because I did very much want to meet the right person that I would say at the end of my profile that I do suffer from Depression however I was managing it fairly well which was true. It turned out to be a really good thing that I decided to be open about it from the start because it meant that I knew whoever decided to message me would know from the start that I had a mental illness which meant that it was understood that I had to go about things in a different way to maybe some one who didn't have a mental illness.

I feel extremly lucky because as a direct result of this I have met a very kind and open partner who has understood from the start that I have a mental illness and he has never held it against me. It of course has been rocky but I know I would never have met him if I hadn't gone online and I hadn't been open from the start. I think you are very brave and I hope that you find the right person for you soon. At least when we are open it is easier for the right kinds of people talk to us and help us and equally easier to talk openly in return.

So happy you wrote this.

Still get so angry when people feel too scared to share. Thanks so much for sharing your story Steven! I live with refuse to say suffer panic disorder and agoraphobia. Have done since as long as I can remember they put it down to childhood epilepsy initially because I would shake so much.

Online Dating Site for People With Mental Disorders & Illness alinehmafa.ml

During the bad periods I still appear the same but struggle to accept that anybody would want to date me! I like being me and wouldn't change the MH aspect as it has made me the person I am. Thanks Steven, this is really useful and a very honest account. Gives some very handy advice too as someone who is in a similar predicament!

My depression has never affected how giving I am in a relationship, but it has led to me putting up with more shit treatment than I should because my self belief gets so destroyed. I find the idea of 'marketing' myself online so difficult, but now I think I may have a change of heart about. Thank you for that. This is a really good piece.

Glad you posted about it, something for me to think about! They will probably be sympathetic and want to be supportive.

If they don't, they're a waste if space, move on! I d say 'Im a psychopathic version of Miranda ' thats the Tv program. I'm very moved with your life story thus far and really congratulate you on being able to establish a level of happiness in your life. My son suffers from the same condition as you and instantly I can empathise with what you say and his own isolation and loneliness that trouble him. Having a small group of friends around him would boost his confidence no end and encourage him to go forward and give him the hope that he is worthwhile and has a valued future ahead of him.

When Your Dating Profile Includes Mental Illness

I wish you all the best in the future , in all your life and most of all I hope my son will one day realise his own goals. Thank you for your story. Giving yourself plenty of time to discuss this is also key. It helps neither you nor your date to rush the conversation.

How not to tell someone you are mentally ill

More importantly, providing time gives your date space. Making time for this conversation shows you respect your date and their needs, too. Finally, an easy exit is a safety valve. If your date reacts badly, you can leave. This way, you can leave without awkwardly getting back in their car. Disclosing is only the beginning.

You would tell a partner about breaking your leg, so you should also share major changes in your mental health.

5 Tips For Dating If You Have Mental Illness

Ongoing discussions matter more in serious relationships. It can be tough to talk about changes, such as new meds that change your sex life or ability to drink. Dating with mental illness comes with even more hurdles. In the long run, by taking the time to ask the right questions and keep the lines of communication open, you can choose better partners, have better communication and have stronger relationships.

Life is hard, but it's better when you're not alone. Sign up for our newsletter and get our Self-Care and Solidarity eBook just because we love you! Skip to main content. Would you date someone with mental illness? Start With The Theoretical Disclosing my mental health requires me to be vulnerable. Right Space, Right Time While you may find the right time occurs organically, I often find that I need to create certain conditions to feel safe disclosing such personal information.

There was lots of wine and I was pulling out all of my best anecdotes. Then came this exchange:. Not only had I completely failed to acknowledge anything he had just said, but I had also equated his beloved child with a debilitating and heavily stigmatised mental health problem. I felt like his child and my bipolar were both things that could and would put someone off, and that he had somehow just issued a dealbreaker amnesty by mentioning his son. In fact, he had just wanted to tell me a boring anecdote about a trip to the zoo. Things you can say during sex: But things you should not say during sex?

I can give you some tips, though. Detail the type and severity of your illness.

When Your Dating Profile Includes Mental Illness

Tell them how it has affected you in the past and how it is likely to affect your relationship. For me, there are two major things that tend to go as soon as I become depressed: These are obviously fairly big hurdles in a relationship — having a girlfriend who smells like a bin and who sits in the same spot on the sofa for three weeks may not be the most appealing prospect. Encourage them to research your diagnosis so they know, roughly, what they are dealing with. As with many people who suffer from mania in some form, the first symptom for me is a complete inability to sleep combined with a desperate compulsion to talk all of the time.

You should also, as a couple, draw up a contingency plan in case of emergency. What resources do you need?